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Jan 2, 2018

It's December! (Or perhaps January by the time you read this) That means it's time for everyone to hop into their X-Wings, fly to the cantina, order some blue milk with vodka and start discussing the latest Star Wars film.

Following on from the hugely successful Force Awakens, The Last Jedi had insurmountable expectations placed upon it.

Can director Rian Johnson deliver the goods? Does The Last Jedi keep the franchise feeling fresh and new? Or is it simply a retread of The Empire Strikes Back?

Now that we're a few weeks beyond the films release, we're also able to study the backlash and praise Last Jedi is getting in equal amounts.

Join Matt & Jon as they discuss their predictions and expectations for The Last Jedi. Then - after the film has been released - they return to discuss the feature itself..

00:00:00 - Introductions
00:00:55 - Predictions/Trailer thoughts
00:14:07 - Film review (spoilers!)
01:20:05 - Lil' nitpicks

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