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Apr 1, 2017

In this episode of PrePost the guys jump in some helicopters and travel to Skull Island to talk about the new King Kong film.

"Kong" as a character has an obvious place in cinema history and has remained relevant to audiences from his 1933 debut onwards. Both Matt and Jon were big fans of Peter Jacksons 2005 remake which managed to bring the giant ape to a whole new generation of films fans.

Can Kong: Skull Island add to the mythos of Kong? Or does it actively detract from it? (Hint, it's the latter, not the former)

Join Matt & Jon as they discuss the trailer for Kong: Skull Island. Then - after the film has been released - they return to discuss (and heartily trash) the feature itself.

00:00:00 - Introductions
00:01:20 - Trailer impressions
00:09:57 - Film review (spoilers!)

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