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Dec 24, 2016

The Disney Empire has bestowed their annual Star Wars film to us for 2016! This time around, it's Rogue One - the first standalone film in the franchise.

Much like The Force Awakens before it, Rogue One has a lot to prove to fans. Can it effectively tell a story that doesn't involve Jedi? Will a different approach to...

Dec 18, 2016

With Blue Velvet back in cinemas to celebrate its 30th anniversary what better time for Jon and Matt to look back and discuss one of Lynch's most iconic films. 

Jon, not having seen the Blue Velvet, will finally find out if the film deserves the reputation is has. And Matt, a big Lynch fan, will discover if the film is...

Dec 11, 2016

In this episode of the Pre Post Film Review, the guys sit down to discuss some of the films Matt saw at the 2016 London International Film Festival.

Listen in as Matt talks about the highs and lows of the festival this year! You might just find some hidden gems and some hidden...not gems?

Films discussed:


Dec 6, 2016

It's been five years since the audiences were last whisked away to the wizarding world of Harry Potter and clearly JK Rowling believes it's time to return, she has recruited Potter veteran David Yates to helm the first in a planned new magical franchise - scripted by Rowling herself - Fantastic Beasts and Where to...

Nov 28, 2016

Director Denis Villeneuve delivered the highly praised thriller Sicario in 2015 and has returned in 2016 with his first foray into Sci-Fi.

Villeneuve has steadily produced films loved by both critics and audiences alike, showcaing an impresisve blend of visual style and thematic weight, but can he bring this success to...