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Aug 20, 2017

Christopher Nolan has returned to cinema screens with his World War II epic - Dunkirk.

Taking a break from the "genre filmmaking" of his last few releases, Nolan is presenting viewers with a fairly straightforward story, his approach to the filmmaking, however, is any but straightforward.

Does this fast paced, almost...

Aug 6, 2017

Edgar Wright is back, baby.

Both Jon and Matt are huge Wright fans, in fact his new action/musical hybrid Baby Driver was Matt's most anticipated film of 2017. So the stakes for this episode are high.

Every film Wright has made has been a winner - zombies, cops, video games, alcoholism - he has successfully tackled them...

Jul 26, 2017

In another bonus episode of The PrePost Film Review, Matt and Jon continue their informal David Lynch retrospective and discuss his 1977 debut feature Eraserhead.

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Jul 3, 2017

The DC Cinematic Universe is back, this time with the origin story of Wonder Woman - the iconic hero who briefly popped up in the train wreck that was Batman Vs. Superman.

Having failed at all previous attempts to replicate the success of Marvel, DC are taking things back to basics, focusing on a single character and...

Jun 15, 2017


Universal Pictures are trying to play cinematic universe catch-up with the reintroduction of their "Dark Universe" and the first film in its series The Mummy (They did already try with Dracula Untold, but that seems to have been swept under the rug)

To help usher in this new franchise, Universal have managed to sweet...